Thursday, March 29, 2007

Payback's a Bitch, Ain't it Big Fella?

As regular readers will know, 8 months ago Bigfoot and his lawyers convinced some judge to order me to delete all of the entries on this blog and turn over all my excavation notes pursuant to some totally bogus statute.

But here's a little theory I'm working on: all of a sudden Bigfake has got a bunch of problems way more serious than a one-woman crusade against his fraudulent Intellectual Giant of an Ape Man self. So I will be reposting all those entries in light of today's entirely predictable cameraphone scandal (why the hell didn't I think of that?). I'll also repost all the evidence maybe people won't be so quick to dismiss now, like my excavation notes from Burns mound, and all my photos and maps. (Ha! That's right. I've got all the site info in my garage. The court order didn't say anything about xeroxes you lawyered-up, effete, pointy-headed ape man!)

So yes, it has been a big day over here at Unemployed Cassie HQ. Way too much for me to recap here right now. But see Archaeology Magazine for the skinny.

As you can imagine, the phone has been ringing off the hook, but no call was more welcome than the one from Moms. "Honey," she said. "Now is no time to gloat. It's not about you telling the world I told you so"

No Mom? What time is it?

"It's time for you to open three bottles of champagne and file suit against that bastard! The gloating comes later after you've got all his money."

Well said Mom.

Be sure to check this space for exciting field notes, thrilling stratigraphic profiles, damning site reports, and lots and lots of gloating.



Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bigfoot and the Long, Hairy Arm of the Law

Dear Everybody,

So they got to me.

Waiting in the mail today was a scary-looking cease and desist order from Bigfake's fancy New York lawyers. It looks like I have no choice but to take down all the images, maps, and other info I've posted here over the past several months that PROVE Bigfake is indeed a big honking faker.

I'm dispensing with any pretence to formal academic language here because my CIVIL RIGHTS are being VIOLATED, and I'm pretty pissed about it.

Screw you Bigfake. You'll get yours.